Syiah Kuala University (Indonesian: Universitas Syiah Kuala. Unsyiah) is the largest and the oldest national university in Aceh Province, Sumatera Island, Indonesia. Unsyiah was established on June 21st, 1961. Establishment of UNSYIAH was driven by a spirit to form an institution to bring the Acehnese to become educated, knowledgeable and pious to God Almight.

Unsyiah has a vision to establish itself as an innovative, independent, and outstanding university in term of the development of sciences, technology, humanities, sport and arts, in order to produce qualified graduates who highly honour moral and ethical values.

This year, Unsyiah will host the 4rd Annual International Conference in conjunction with the 9th Annual International Workshop and Expo on Sumatra Tsunami Disaster and Recovery (AIWEST-DR). The conference will include plenary addresses, oral & poster parallel sessions, and tsunami/historical site tour visit.

Prospective authors are cordially invited to submit their 2 (two) A4 pages extended abstracts with additional up to 5 keywords (in English; Times New Roman 12 pt; 1.5 line spacing) dealing with the related topics.

Poster should be printed out on format of A1 paper size 60x80 cm in potrait orientation layout.