Keynote Speaker

Dr. Ussif Rashid Sumaila is Professor and Director of the Fisheries Economics Research Unit at UBC’s Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries. He specializes in bioeconomics, marine ecosystem valuation and the analysis of global issues such as fisheries subsidies, IUU (illegal, unreported and unregulated) fishing and the economics of high and deep seas fisheries. Sumaila has experience working in fisheries and natural resource projects in Norway, Canada and the North Atlantic region, Namibia and the Southern African region, Ghana and the West African region and Hong Kong and the South China Sea. He has published articles in several journals including, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Journal of Bioeconomics, Land Economics, ICES Journal of Marine Science, Environmental and Resource Economics and Ecological Economics. Sumaila’s work has generated a great deal of interest, and has been cited by, among others, the Economist, the Boston Globe, the International Herald Tribune, and the Vancouver Sun.
Dr. Handito Joewono is currently the head of Sekolah Ekspor, CEO Arrbey Consulting and the secretary of Response Acceleration Task Force for Developing Export Oriented Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs of Republik Indonesia. His practical experience in economic related organization including Chamber of commerce, National Start Up Centre, Green Purchasing Network, Association for Technology Start Up Indonesia. Dr Joewono finished his doctorate program at IPB University in 2008 and expertise in Corporate Planning, Business Strategy, as well as Branding and Expert Management.

Invited Speaker

Rezzy Eko Caraka, Ph.D is s a researcher and practitioner in data science and statistics. He has worked on all SDG topics to produce precise modeling, forecasting, data mining, and text mining analysis for policy and decision making. Currently serve at Seoul National University is a 7-year term, non-tenure-track faculty position as well as a researcher (Superintendent) with the research expertise of Data Science on abroad research units (Diaspora). BRIN became the sole national research agency Republic of Indonesia. Caraka’s academic works focus on data science, statistics, machine learning, and spatial analysis and already produce 10 books, 37 articles in high impact journals with 7 more upcoming publications. His works was not limited to publication but also software building and received about 57 awards from various activities.